Chapter 908 Sometimes, He Threw the Ball in Her Direction So That He Could Look at Her

Luke's cold gaze lingered on Riley's face for one second before turning away to look at Bianca once more while placing the back of her hand in his cheek. "To me, Bianca is a unique presence. No one in the world is like her, and no other woman is worthy of being her substitute." It was rare that Luke spoke so much about her, which warmed Bianca's heart as she listened to it. She did in fact think that Riley looked somewhat similar to her, and she was quite appalled that Xavier could do such a thing. However, Luke's words had made Bianca think that Xavier was doing all that in vain. She was irreplaceable after all. The love that they gave Xavier could not be compared to the love that she gave Luke. Riley seemed surprised. She had suspected Bianca's identity when she met her at the mall, but she did not expect that Bianca would be Luke Crawford's wife! Her face turned red with embarrassment. Xavier seemed to have set her up for humiliation, while Luke had expressed his revulsi

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