Chapter 907 Bianca Intended To Spend The Rest Of Her Life With Luke

Self-defense? Bianca was well aware of how weak she was. Sometimes when something happened, even the bodyguards that Luke hired could not protect her. In the end, he had to put himself in harm's way to save her. Bianca raised her gaze and agreed with him, "Tomorrow is Saturday. I’ll sign up for a class and do my best." She was going to learn self-defense not only to make herself stronger and not hold him back anymore but also for the sake of her health. Bianca intended to spend the rest of her life with Luke, but after giving birth to Tommy, her health deteriorated. She was afraid that her dream would not come true because of that. Therefore, her intention of learning self-defense was to protect herself and strengthen her body. "You don't need to sign up for classes. I'll get someone to teach you." Luke freed his right hand and held Bianca's hand. She smiled slightly and nodded in agreement. They soon arrived at the Tanner family’s villa. T

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