Chapter 887 Intertwined, But Thinking of Separate Things

Nina lowered her head and used her shoulder-length hair to obscure her face. She did not want anyone to see her weakness, especially that man in front of her. "Don't you feel any affection for me after being together for so long?" Percy smiled sinisterly as he gripped Nina's jaw and maintained his superior demeanor. Nina felt her heart wrench. Her head remained lowered. "Both of us have something we want, and affection doesn't come into the picture. If I have any affection toward you, it's because I can't find a more generous man." Nina's voice was soft, but her words were mocking. Percy's sinister gaze wavered. He turned her around by her shoulders. "Do you like it here?" Nina tried to swallow her tears, but she could not control them from falling down her face. She lifted her head to look at the boundless blue sky. When she managed to compose herself, she nodded without showing any hint of her previous emotions. "The sea and the sky are beautiful. I don't think anyone

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