Chapter 886 When Will She Taste Freedom?

To Bianca, that young girl was innocent, carefree, and perhaps a little too naïve. She could not bear to see Nina being embarrassed, so she blocked Daphne's hand and asked her, "Are you really Percy's younger sister?" "Of course. Don't you think that I look like Percy?" The girl smiled brilliantly like the starry sky. She looked like an angel. Bianca carefully studied Percy and Daphne's faces. Other than the face, there was no similarity at all. Percy's eyes were thin, almond-shaped, and had an exotic charm to them. On the other hand, Daphne's eyes were round like a cat's eyes and had a glint of mischief in them. Most importantly, what differentiated Daphne from her elder brother was her warm, sweet, and innocent demeanor, unlike Percy, who seemed like the devil. No one would have realized that the cold and ruthless man would be related to the adorable young girl. "Welcome back to the Zephyr, Ms. Daphne." Several servants stood neatly in a row and greeted Daphne. Da

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