Chapter 884 Hera Is Arrested

The people from the tour group began to discuss animatedly after hearing what Luke said. A girl with a round face almost collapsed. Her friend managed to steady her. "I didn't expect that the girl was Mr. Crawford's wife. If that's the case, she couldn't have smuggled here…" They did not expect that sudden revelation. The subject of ridicule was actually the wife of the CEO of T Corporation. "That's right!" The round-faced girl's friend was a tall young woman in glasses. "I thought that she looked somewhat extraordinary earlier. I bet Hera insulted her only because she's jealous of her." "Right. Hera looked so confident too! I nearly believed her. Tsk tsk, how shameless!" "Mr. Crawford's wife is so pretty. Look, I don't think she's wearing any makeup. Her skin is so smooth. She's the perfect match with Mr. Crawford." "Look at Hera's boyfriend. He might be rich, but he's probably a windfall tycoon… Not to mention he looks like a pig. Poor Hera… heheh…" Hera became the fo

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