Chapter 883 Like A Feather Tickling His Heart

Hera was shocked by Luke's icy gaze. She felt as though her heart was popping out of her chest. She tried to calm herself down while still trying to dress down Bianca. "You probably don't know about her, Luke. Bianca and I used to be from the same town, and she's been a sleazy girl since I knew her. Not only does she have multiple boyfriends, but I've also heard that she secretly dates her teacher and trades her body for good results. Don't be deceived by her pure looks." Bianca crossed her arms and watched in amusement how Hera was trying to slander her. If she had a shorter temper, she would have slapped Hera several times already. Of course, she did not do that. If Hera found out that the "pathetic worm" had become Luke's wife, Bianca could not imagine the expression on her face! 'Hmm… this'll be interesting.' Bianca could not help but grin when she thought of how Hera was digging her own grave. Hera thought that Bianca's grin was supposed to instigate her. She gla

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