Chapter 881 Pathetic Worm

It was a beautiful woman about five-foot-seven in height. Her curly hair was dyed purple-red. She had the typical face of an internet celebrity -- big eyes, a tapered chin, apple-red lips, and puffy cheeks. She had heavy makeup on her face, though it was obvious that she had many hyaluronic acid injections. Her appearance made her stand out from the rest of the tour group. Bianca could tell that the woman was Hera Sanchez, her classmate in junior high. Hera was once the prom queen. She was quite different from how she looked in high school, but her overall shape did not change. Bianca remembered Hera very well because she used to be her bully. Bianca did not remember the names of the two young women next to her, but she remembered seeing them before. They were part of Hera's gang. Hera was hugging the arm of a plump middle-aged man and resting her head on that man's shoulder. The man was a full head shorter than Hera. His face was as round as a plate, and his eyes w

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