Chapter 880 A Familiar Face from the Past

Luke knew that Bianca loved to look at the architecture of foreign countries, especially European architecture. That was why Luke decided to bring her there for the honeymoon. Three days later, a gigantic cruise ship docked at the port of Venice, Italy's famous "Floating City." Venice was full of history. Piazza San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, the opera house, and the basilica were the famous attractions that oozed culture and beauty. Tourists of many different countries were wandering the city. Piazza San Marco was the liveliest spot in Venice. It had been the social, religious, and political center of the city, and it was a must-visit landmark of the city. Surrounding the public square were many cafes, boutiques, and specialty stores that attracted visitors from different countries. Near the square was an open field with neatly trimmed grass, exquisite corridors, a beautiful musical fountain, and flocks of pure white pigeons. The musical fountain was surrounded by various sc

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