Chapter 802 Drove Her Away Mercilessly

Bianca and Wanda could only watch as Allison stepped into the mansion uninvited. Wanda was dazzled by the luxury brand clothing and accessories that Allison wore. Needless to say, her entire set of Chanel clothes cost six digits. The black handbag she clutched was a Hermes matte Porosus crocodile handbag. Her wristwatch was a limited edition Richard Mille that cost millions. Adding the two diamond rings on her middle and ring finger, she could have bought a decent house in downtown A City. Wanda knew that the Crawfords were wealthy and Luke made a lot of money, but it was quite eye-opening to see one flaunt their wealth so blatantly. Moreover, T Corporation was facing a life-and-death crisis. The families of the deceased were in the middle of demanding compensation from T Corporation. What if the media caught wind of Allison's lavishness? That would have caused the media to pile on even more unsubstantiated claims about Luke's company. She did not know if that woman was braze

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