Chapter 801 She Wanted To See What Allison Intended To Do

Luke went to the company early that morning, while the driver picked up the three children and sent them to Crawford Manor because Old Master Crawford missed them. The people who remained in the mansion were Bianca, Old Master Rayne, and Wanda who came to visit. Johann had suggested a naturopathic treatment program for Old Master Rayne. The old man was already quite elderly, and his symptoms were chronic. Today, Bianca and Wanda were in the kitchen preparing a herbal remedy for Old Master Rayne. The thick smell of medicinal herbs wafted in the kitchen. They had to reduce the tonic three times in the pot, and they were only boiling it for the second time. Bianca thought that the smell alone was bitter. "Aunt Wanda, the tonic smells so pungent and bitter. Can Grandpa's stomach take it?" Bianca furrowed her brows. She could not imagine how her grandfather took the tonic every day. Wanda smiled when she saw how worried her niece was. "Don't worry, sometimes herbal remedies can be

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