Chapter 784 Why Is My Son Hospitalized But Her Son Is Alive And Well?

Jason looked at Bianca with a guilty look as his dry lips twitched. He wanted to say something, but in the end, he shook his head and said, "Madam, the boss is not doing so well. The protest downstairs suddenly turned into a riot that went out of control. Boss was injured while managing the scene. He has several broken bones..." “However, that was not the worst thing that happened. During the riot, the boss was hit by a steel pipe on the head to save an innocent child. At that time, his head was not bleeding but he was unconscious… After checking, they found a blood clot in his head. Dr. Johann is the best at surgery, but he’s abroad now and it’ll take a while for him to come back. We can only call in a few world-renowned surgical experts. No one knows what will happen after this…" Bianca felt like she was suffocating as though her blood had turned into boiling water. She felt horrible. No wonder Luke had locked her in the office and insisted that she was not allowed

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