Chapter 783 Isn't He Only Slightly Injured?

Leia could not help but break out in a cold sweat. Her door had been specially made. How did Wayne get in? Leia instinctively wanted to shout for help, but as soon as she opened her mouth, her lips were sealed tight by Wayne. Her cry for help became fragmented. The night light in her room emitted a faint green light in the dark, reflecting Wayne's hideous face. It made Leia fear for her life. "You… What do you want from me?" Leia struggled desperately, but she was too weak. "I want… you! My boo, do you miss me?" Wayne was so strong that it seemed like he was crushing her chest and sucking all the oxygen from her mouth. His touch disgusted Leia. However, his skillful teasing gradually turned her on. Leia's pajamas were torn into strips and thrown on the floor. Under the dim light, Leia's tears slipped from her eyes. One could not tell whether it was from joy or humiliation. Ten intense minutes later. Wayne cuddled Leia, feeling

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