Chapter 764 She Is Still Trying To Match Him With Other Women

Maxine turned away from Bianca and looked at Allison once more. She pointed at the two exquisite gift boxes on the coffee table and said, "I bought these presents for you and Grandpa, Aunt Allison. I hope you'll like them." The sweet smile on Maxine's delicate face made Allison smile. "You didn't have to bring any presents, Maxine. The climate in A City is very different from the capital. Are you used to it?" Maxine stuck out her tongue and began to unwrap the gift box. "I'm used to it. I can adapt to different environments easily. I've even gone on an expedition to the North Pole with my friends. I'm fine here." Bianca glanced at Maxine again. She did not expect that the young woman who seemed frail and delicate dared to explore the North Pole. Allison exclaimed in surprise, "As expected of a girl who grew up overseas. Your courage and constitution are exceptional. What… did you bring?" Maxine smiled sweetly and carefully detached the ribbon. The first box contained a ca

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