Chapter 763 A Female Guest in the House

Bianca had just come out of the shopping mall and was about to go into her car when she received a call from Luke. "It's the 15th today. Let's go back to Crawford Manor and have dinner. Where are you now? I'll go and pick you up." Considering their current standoff, Bianca wanted to hang up immediately. However, she thought of her three children. She bit her lip and replied coldly, "You don't have to pick me up. I can drive there myself. I'm a little busy now. See you later." She hung up before the other party could reply. In T Corporation, Luke's eyebrows twitched as he stared at his phone. Then, he sighed. The woman was becoming more and more brazen. He knew that Bianca was in the midst of starting her own company, and he had the intention of helping her. Bianca might have experience with managing a company, but she did not have the experience of starting one. He expected that she would come and ask him for help. However, the woman never once asked him for advice, n

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