Chapter 751 Instantly Tensed Up

Bianca walked aimlessly in the street with a mournful look. Those big eyes of hers that were always clear and pure were covered with a dark shadow. In the bustling city, there was traffic on both sides, and she was lost in her thoughts. She did not even look at the traffic lights, much less the cars. She was like a wandering soul as she crossed the road without looking. A speeding black car immediately braked when the driver saw Bianca suddenly crossing the road. A driver with a big head rolled down the window and yelled at Bianca, "Damn you, woman! Can't you see that it's a red light for pedestrians? Are you blind? I can’t believe I’m so f*cking unlucky to meet a crazy woman!" The cold wind and the driver's insults floated to Bianca's ears. She acted as if she did not hear it, but a few teardrops slid down from the corners of her eyes. After coming out of the hotel, Bianca did not know where to go. Without her realizing it, she walked to the center of A City—Pearl Tower. The

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