Chapter 750 Who The Hell Was That Man?

Inside a luxurious hotel. In a luxurious suite. The drug in Bianca's body was controlling her mind and she could not even think straight anymore. She was in a heavy daze with no idea what day it was, let alone who the man she was entangled with was. The dryness and heat in her body almost drove her crazy. The only way she could relieve the discomfort a little was to press it against his body and desperately cater to him. The night was late, and the two of them were only getting more deeply entangled with each other. Things were becoming more and more intense. When the sun started to brighten up the sky, the drug’s effects in Bianca's body gradually dissipated and she fell asleep from extreme exhaustion. … The next day, when Bianca woke up in the hotel room, it was close to noon. Right after she woke up, she felt a tearing pain from between her legs that almost made her stifle a scream. The pain was so intense that Bianca's heart surged with panic. The image of her last night

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