Chapter 748 She Was Drugged Again

Bianca seemed to have felt Julie’s gaze and turned her head around to look at her. Bianca’s gaze landed on Julie. She froze slightly. She had not seen Julie for a long time and did not expect that she would meet her here at the banquet. Julie was dressed extravagantly and luxuriously. Her gown was cinched at the waist with a large skirt inlaid with countless shiny diamond crystals. From a glance, she could tell that it was a customized dress from a big brand. In addition to that, from what she knew about Julie's pay, she should not be able to afford such a high-fashion dress. Julie saw how Bianca was sizing her up and felt as if Bianca was scrutinizing her while looking at her disdainfully. It made Julie's face turn burning hot. She felt that even though she was wearing a fancy dress, she was still an ugly duckling with an inferiority complex. She felt ashamed of herself as she stood in front of the elegant white swan, Bianca. Bianca let go of Luke's arm and softly said somethin

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