Chapter 747 Do Me A Favor

The second floor. Julie rubbed her bottom. She felt as if her tailbone had shattered from the fall. She looked at the man who was arrogantly looking down at her with horror in her eyes. His body that could be compared to Schwarzenegger was like a big moving mountain. When his entire body covered her sight, she could not see anything else but his solid muscles that overlapped each other, bulging in her sight. It was simply appalling. "Hey you, what did you just hear?" Wayne stared at Julie without moving, and from the nervousness in her eyes, it was clear that she had heard a lot. Julie raised her right hand and braced herself as she swore stiffly, "I-I didn't hear anything... Really... I promise... No, I swear. I just happened to be passing by. If I’m lying, I swear I’ll be struck by lightning!” She did not know who this rough and wild man in front of her was, but everyone at this banquet today was someone influential. Although he was wearing casual clothes like a thug, she coul

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