Chapter 714 Burning With Anger!

Bianca tried dialing Luke's number, but somehow, she could not get through no matter how many times she tried. Worriedly, she tried to contact Percy, but she could not get through to him either. Without any other choice, she dialed Ray's number. The call went through, but Ray seemed to be occupied with something. Bianca could hear explosions and agonized wails on the other end of the call. "I'm very busy now, Sis. I'll call you later," Ray said hurriedly. Then, he immediately hung up. Bianca was angry, frustrated, and worried, but she had no other choice. Selena noticed Bianca's unease and tried to comfort her, "Don't be too anxious, Sis. They must be in the middle of a critical operation now. Otherwise, they would have answered your call." "Mm," Bianca replied carelessly, at the same time silently praying that they would be safe. She did not want them to be separated again right after the reunion. … Meanwhile, in the Troitsky Administrative Okrug in Moscow, a bla

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