Chapter 713 Anyone But Percy Mallory

Bianca noticed the change in Nina's expression and realized that she should not have asked that question. "I'm sorry, Nina, I… I shouldn't have asked that. Did Percy threaten you?" She said, a little flustered. She knew what happened to Nina. That b*stard Pierre had ruined her. Unfortunately, Percy was Pierre's elder brother. It was a complicated relationship. Nina stood at the window and stared at the sun outside. The golden sun rays caused her eyes to hurt. She tried to fight the agony in her heart and spoke gently, "It's nothing. There are certain things in our lives that we can't control. I'm fine, you don't have to worry about me. I'm immune to a man's charms now. After what happened to me, the defenses around my heart are like iron walls, and I'm a better judge of character now. I won't get hurt that easily." "I'm sorry. If I hadn't…" Bianca felt even guiltier than ever. If not for her, Nina might have still been that cheerful and outgoing girl. Nina pretended t

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