Chapter 70 Don't Hide, Baby

Bianca suddenly regained her mind after hearing the man's words. She pushed him away and squeezed out from under his body while he was not paying attention. Luke's deep eyes were dark red. A certain part of his body was boiling intensely. His whole body coldly stepped forward and pulled her back again. He hugged her, and they were face to face with his arms around her back. After two staggering steps, he managed to press her on the burgundy armchair. "You don't want it anymore?" His bewitching voice made her heartbeat speed up and her face blush as his boundless love for her spread around her body. Bianca admitted to herself that she had secretly liked this man since the beginning of their relationship, but that did not mean that she needed to do those kinds of things right away. "Um…" The lips that tried to say no were closed again by the man’s lips. The base of her tongue was starting to get painful from being sucked. In the pantry, the only sound present was that of a love bet

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