Chapter 69 You Can’t Be In A Relationship If You’re Brothers And Sisters!

A crisp slap sound was heard. Anna roared at the same time, "You’re dead, girl! How dare you beat your sister-in-law?! Will you take responsibility if you hurt the child in her stomach?" "I would rather die than give birth to this child…” The tears that Marie shed might have been real or perhaps they were fake. After she said that, she left as she clutched her cheek. Anna did not have time to slap her own daughter and hurried toward Marie. As she chased her down, she begged. "Marie, slow down! You’re still pregnant with my grandson! I’ll let you make your own choice! You said that you have no sense of security after getting married and that there’s no guarantee even after giving birth to your child. So tell me, let me know how I can make you feel safe and secure!" Anna, who was anxious to hold her grandson, followed Marie in a hurry. "Is this shrew never going to give it a rest? Does she want to destroy our family so badly? Isn’t she making all this noise to make my parents buy h

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