Chapter 702 You’d Better Hope That Nothing Happens To My Wife and Son

In the dining hall, the maid tore off a paper-thin mask from her face. Bianca had never seen the face below the mask before. She was shocked. "Who are you? What did you do to Mary?" Mary was the maid who personally attended to Bianca. "You can ask her that in hell!" The "maid" smiled sinisterly. With a wave of her hand, many strangers wielding machine guns rushed into the dining hall. Selena was shocked. She tried to hold off the intruders with her taekwondo skills while shouting to Bianca, "Run away with Tommy, Sis!" Naturally, bare fists were no match to guns. Soon, Selena was sprawled on the floor with a gun pointed at her head. "Selena!" Bianca cried out. She carried Tommy and tried to find a way out. "Mommy, Mommy…" Sensing danger, Tommy hugged Bianca's neck tightly and did not make a fuss. Bianca felt a muscular arm hold her by her beck, and the maid held a dagger to her face. The coldness of the blade made Bianca shudder. "You'd better listen to what I

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