Chapter 701 I Miss You, Bianca, I Miss You...

Bianca dreamed of Luke that night. In the dream, they were lying on a meadow. The willow trees were sprouting, and the sun was gentle. Her face was buried in his chest. One hand was caressing his handsome face, immersed in the bliss of reunion, while the other hand was playfully punching him. She alternated between crying and laughing, asking him, "Where have you been for the past two years? Don't you know that I've almost lost my mind thinking about you?" He did not speak, but she could see her reflection in his clear eyes. His gaze was so gentle and profound that she could drown in it. He kissed her madly. "I miss you, Bianca, I miss you," he mumbled. Their limbs intertwined with each other. She could sense the warmth of his body. His soul belonged to her. Just when she was about to tear his clothes away, she felt her body suddenly sink, waking up from her dream. She opened her eyes and saw a pair of eyes as clear and profound as Luke's. Tommy sprawled mischievously

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