Chapter 691 Mr. Craw...Quick…

In the never-ending blue ocean, two bloated bodies were floating nearby. The ferocious waves washed them near the deck. It was a man and a woman. However, their features were swollen after being soaked in seawater. They were barely recognizable. After screaming in horror, Nina shouted at the bodyguards to rescue the two floating bodies and see if they had any chance of surviving. However, the bodyguards would never take action without Percy's order. It did not help that the two bodies looked extremely bloated and obviously dead. The bodyguards did not follow through with Nina’s instructions, so Nina quarreled with them. When Percy arrived, he saw Nina screaming at his bodyguards to save the floating corpses. Nina saw Percy walking over and immediately ran to him. She took his arm and pulled him to the edge of the deck. "Percy, get your bodyguard to rescue the two people! They might still be alive. We have to save them!" Percy frowned. He was neve

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