Chapter 690 Ran To The Deck At The Speed Of Lightning

Lunch. Bianca, Selena, Tommy, and Vivian all ordered yogurt. Bianca was a considerate person who was great at taking care of others. It shocked Vivian. No one had ever treated her so kindly except for her brother. Vivian kept smiling shyly at Bianca as she was overwhelmed by her kindness. Vivian thought that Bianca was nice, beautiful, gentle, and considerate. Although she was several years older than Bianca, she felt like a younger sister who was being taken care of. Halfway through the meal, Vivian brought out two brocade boxes from her bag and handed them to Bianca and Selena. "Bianca, Selena, when we first met, I didn't know what you would like, but I bought something for both of you. I hope you like them." The brocade boxes contained beautiful and rare gem accessories. One was a bracelet and the other was a necklace. Bianca was unfamiliar with rare gems, but Selena could tell at a glance that the jewelry was worth at least one million e

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