Chapter 685 That Must Be True Love

Madame Rose was not intimidated by Luke because she thought that she had the advantage in numbers. She did not expect that Luke would be brazen enough to take her as a hostage. "Let go of him, Matthew! Otherwise, none of you will survive!" Kassy pointed her gun at Luke's head. Her hand was shaking. Evidently, she was conflicted. She knew of Madame Rose's cruelty better than anyone else. Luke and his followers might be formidable, but they were already seriously injured, and they were not going to be able to successfully escape the heavily-defended island. "If I'm not going to survive this, I don't mind taking all of you down with me!" Luke said coldly. "Heh, you ignorant brat, you won't leave here alive even if you kill me," Madame Rose said brazenly. "If that's the case, all of you can die!" Luke smirked coldly and tightened his vice-like grip on Madame Rose's neck. Her eyes were beginning to glaze over. Madame Rose coughed, and her face turned red. Even so, she yell

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