Chapter 684 Luke Suddenly Grabbed Her by the Throat

Leia had always felt hatred and disgust for Wayne. The man had ravaged her for two years. It was like a nightmare. Leia was more than willing to tell Bianca the truth if she would help her get rid of that man. Even though Luke was killed a long time ago, Bianca could not maintain her composure when she heard It from Leia's mouth. She grabbed Leia's collar tightly and asked viciously, "Why did Wayne Blatt kill Luke? Is it because of you?" Leia was gloating when she saw the crazed glint in Bianca's eyes. "How would I know why? I'm not that freak. All I know is that I'm so happy seeing how helpless and agonized you are. Karma sure hits you hard…" Suddenly, her eyes were attracted by a flash of light. It was the light reflected from the dressing mirror. She turned to look at the reflection of the two women. Leia and Bianca both had delicate facial features. Their looks were similar. However, Bianca's features were more pronounced. Her face was the textbook definition of "beau

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