Chapter 67 Luke’s Uncle Thought That Bianca Look Familiar

On the way to Luke's uncle’s house, Luke, Lanie, and Rainie, the family of three, plus Bianca, found a restaurant to sit down for breakfast. Bianca was very embarrassed because she felt that Luke and she looked out of place. Fortunately, she wore her workwear that day. She was worried that it would be time for work after watching the sunrise and would not have time to go home to change her clothes. If anyone were to look at them, she hoped they would think that she was Luke's secretary. Bianca noticed that Lanie and Rainie seemed afraid of their father. When Daddy went to the bathroom, Rainie ate a mouthful of strawberry jam and complained, "Aunt Bea, Daddy acts like a child who hasn't grown up. He always makes me cry.” "My brother is better than me. He's stronger than me so he’s never cried because of Daddy before.” Lanie nodded in agreement, "Daddy has a bad temper and doesn't like to communicate with others. We really want to take care of this psychological problem of his, bu

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