Chapter 66 Give Me The Rest Of Your Life

When Bianca walked out of her neighborhood, she saw a man standing there. That perfect view of a man, standing right there. Every cell in Luke's body was waiting for her to come over. When she finally came out, he opened the car door for her to get in, and placed a cup of hot drink in her hand. Even in summer, it was slightly breezy at three o'clock in the morning. Bianca felt the warmth in her heart. After she got in the car, she fell asleep. Before she went out, she told herself not to fall asleep and to accompany him by talking to him because if she was sleepy, he was also going to be as sleepy. Luke drove attentively. The sports car drove down the street in the middle of the night which was much quieter than it was during the day. He drove for twenty minutes before reaching the place to watch the sunrise. He glanced at the time on his watch and then looked at her who was asleep. He could not bear to wake her up. If she missed the sunrise, they could try again another day.

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