Chapter 675 I Am Grateful

Bianca held the children's hands, walked in front of Mr. and Mrs. Norman, and patted the children's heads. "Lanie, Rainie, greet your grandparents." The two cute twins stood up straight and called out at the same time. "Nice to meet you, Grandpa and Grandma. I'm Lanie." "I'm Rainie." "Oh, you're good kids!" Queenie started to tear up again. Not only did she get to reunite with her birth daughter, but she also gained two cute and intelligent grandchildren. The usually stern Jack could not contain his emotions. He crouched to the children's eye level, just like any ordinary grandfather. He patted their heads and asked them, "How old are you two? Which grade are you in?" He had already known the answers from his wife, but he would like to hear it from the children's mouths. He adored children, especially their crisp voices and pure eyes. "Grandpa, I'm Rainie Crawford. I'm in the first grade, and I love to sing, dance, and draw, but most of all, I love taking naps…" The extro

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