Chapter 674 I Am Your… Mother

"I believe you've met Uncle Jack and Aunt Queenie before, Bea, and I don't think I need to introduce them to you. They're here at home today because they want to meet you." "They want to meet me?" Bianca looked doubtfully at Jack and Queenie. "Is there something, Uncle Jack and Aunt Queenie?" Queenie's lips trembled. She stood up from the couch, took out a test report, and nervously handed it to Bianca. The nanny picked up the baby in Bianca's arms. Bianca looked at the test report. She could understand what was going on when she saw the words "DNA Test Report" on the cover page. At the bottom of the last page, when she saw that her DNA shared a 99.9% similarity with Jack and Queenie, all her doubts instantly disappeared. She looked at Queenie, feeling rather perplexed, and called out, "Aunt Queenie…" Queenie looked at Bianca with sparkling eyes and held her hand, unable to contain her excitement. "I hope you don't mind that I secretly took a few strands of your hair for

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