Chapter 627 The Bond Between Mother and Daughter

Many people rushed over, and Bianca was nearly knocked off her feet. Fortunately, Sean was protecting her. Otherwise, an accident would have easily happened. Sean observed the surroundings while he helped Bianca walk toward a less crowded place. "You shouldn't stay here, Madam. Let's leave now." Bianca's mind was blank as she saw Queenie being held hostage. She could only see Queenie's pale face and the bloody line on her neck… Sean, seeing that Bianca was not moving, said sternly, "We have to leave, Madam. It's too dangerous here. I won't know how to tell Mr. Crawford if you get in an accident." Bianca could not breathe when she saw the thin line of blood on Queenie's neck. Her first instinct was to rush forward to danger. She did not want to see anything happen to Queenie, perhaps because they were mother and daughter. Nina stood next to Bianca, protecting her. She could not help but look in the direction in which Bianca was looking. "What are you looking at, Bian

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