Chapter 626 It Was None Other Than Queenie!

T Corporation. Ever since the failed reunion banquet, Julie had been in low spirits. Usually, she would be laughing and chattering. Now, she was quiet and reserved. She did not focus on her work, and she frequently made mistakes. In the afternoon, Bianca corrected several critical figures in her work. After that, she tried asking her, "Julie, you don't seem to be in your element. How about you take a break for a few days?" Bianca felt sorry for Julie that she did not get to reunite with her birth parents because of her, but she did not regret it. If Julie was not truly Jack and Queenie's birth daughter, it was better to expose the lie now than later. Even so, Bianca was surprised to find out that she was Queenie's birth daughter. To her, the Raynes were her family. That was why she was not too keen on returning to the Norman family even after she knew the truth. Julie was different. She was obsessed with finding her birth parents. Julie shook her head and forced a s

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