Chapter 611 Everyone’s Gazes Fell On Leia!

Leia thought that the old geezer would yield and listen to what she said! She did not expect that the doctor would not be cowed by her threat and expose the truth in public! The guests were agitated when they heard that shocking revelation! Everyone from the Norman family did not look pleased, especially Old Mr. Norman, whose hands were trembling with anger. Leia, that wretch! Old Mr. Norman was not fond of the young woman the moment he set his eyes upon her. He could tell that she was not as innocent as she looked. However, he reluctantly accepted her presence in the Norman household because her son and daughter-in-law liked her. He certainly did not expect that his adoptive granddaughter would cause so much trouble for the family! On the stage, Leia's delicate hands were clenched into fists. A chill coursed down from her head, down the spine, and to the soles of her feet. She turned to look at her adoptive parents and tried to explain to them. Even her eyelashes were

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