Chapter 610 Exposed In Public! She Is An Impostor!

Leia thought that she would be in the spotlight today. She knew that Bianca would be in attendance together with Luke. Knowing that Bianca usually dressed simply, she thought that she would dress seductively. She did not expect that Bianca stole the spotlight from her anyway. Bianca deserved to stand next to Luke. That already proved that she was better than Leia. Everyone's attention was focused on Bianca. Bianca wore only light makeup, and her clothes were not the most beautiful in the event. However, she was as brilliant as a star. Her sweet smile, gentle demeanor, and magnanimous bearing caused everyone's eyes to be glued to her. Even Julie, who was supposed to be the main character of the event, could not compare. Leia might be smiling, but she could not hide the hatred in her eyes. If not for that b*tch Bianca, she would have already been a couple with Luke! Perhaps she would have even been Mrs. Crawford by now! How did things turn out differently? Meanwhile,

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