Chapter 59 It Looks Like I Haven’t Been Feeding You Enough

The moment Bianca uttered out the words’ blind date’, she was not surprised to see that the man’s furrowed brows had gone even more profound. It even became slightly terrifying. “Let go of me, there’s no point in this or for you to continue pestering me!” The words she said were not for Luke, but it was for herself to hear. Luke swiftly widened his eyes, and a sense of serene filled inside. Bianca was pillowed with the man’s legs. She pursed her lips tightly as she held her breath, barely breathing. After an unknown period, the man’s hand on her waist suddenly loosened. And the other hand holding her wrist was also untightened… She was let go. Bianca was finally free, but there was neither happiness nor discomfort written on her face. She got up to tidy up for a bit and picked up her bag. When she opened the door again to get out of the car, the man swooped jealously and dragged her back. Then, he threw her onto the passenger seat. “Why are you wearing so little for a blind d

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