Chapter 58 Did I Hurt You? Your Heart Is Beating So Fast

Bianca opened her teary eyes. Her cheeks were slightly red as she looked at the man before her in confusion. Luke’s abstruse eyes were brimming with passion as he stared deep into her. They were relatively speechless for a while. He did not know what was in her mind, so he had to wrap himself in her once again. Bianca opened her eyes as she was fully immersed in the man’s confusing kiss. She could see his tall nose and his deep brow bone that was different from other ordinary men. In the shadows under the night, his intoxicating delicate features did not seem real. The back of her head was held by the man’s big hand, and her lower jaw was lifted. The man’s fiery kiss spread from her lips to her neck and onto her collarbone… “Mmm…” Bianca was forced to look up and cater to him. The man’s wet lips were printed on her skin as he continued caressing her. The sense of erotism between them was gradually getting stronger. Bianca had minimal experience, especially in terms of kissing.

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