Chapter 586 We’ll Just Have To Do A DNA Test!

Queenie was so sure that her birth daughter was Julie because she had gone to look for Allison more than once! She wanted from Allison the truth of the incident back then! Allison, irritated by Queenie's incessant pestering, said mockingly, "Queenie, when you delivered your daughter back then, she was lacking oxygen and was blue and purple all over. She didn't even cry or make a sound, and we thought that she was dead. That was why we tossed her out into the dumpster near the clinic. It was so cold, and even if the baby were alive, she would have been killed by the weather…" At that moment, Queenie had the urge to kill Allison! Why did they not wait for Queenie to regain consciousness, so that she could see her baby at least once? Why were they so cruel to toss her baby into a dumpster, even though she had almost died giving birth to it? Seeing Queenie discreetly wiping away her tears, Shakira knew that she was not in a stable emotional state. She turned to speak to the mid

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