Chapter 585 She Was Instantly Overcome With Joy!

Queenie was shocked when she heard what Shakira said. When she finally processed Shakira's words, she was instantly overcome with joy! She even forgot that her adoptive daughter was next to her. The hand that was holding her phone was shaking. "Shakira, is… is what you say true? You really found my birth daughter? Where is she now? Is she fine? Is…" "Mm, Queenie, are you free? You can come over and take a look now. Mr. Tyson has run a background check on her, and he thinks that all her characteristics check out. I think there's a very big possibility that she is your birth daughter." "I'm free now. I'll head over!" From the phone's speakers, Leia could hear the contents of the conversation between Shakira and her mother. Those words sent chills down her spine. Leia sat on the couch in silence. There was not a hint of a smile on her beautiful face. Her right hand that was holding a flower stalk clenched tightly. Instantly, she lost all vitality. After Queenie ended the cal

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