Chapter 56 Be A Little More Open-minded

“I did not…” Bianca’s first reaction was to deny it. “You dare lie to my face? If you didn’t, who was the person lurking behind the walls whenever she had a free period looking out at the playground of the high school next door foolishly?” Claudia talked about the past without restraint. Bianca still remembered her high school experience. She had always stared foolishly at beautiful sceneries and people for long periods. When she was in middle school, the person she had stared at the most was upperclassman Crawford from the high school next door. Claudia assumed that Bianca was perhaps embarrassed now, so she continued, “He was finer than a frog’s hair! And cute as a bug! Who wouldn’t have a crush on him? Is there anything to be embarrassed about?” Bianca coughed, and her face started to burn up. Subconsciously, upperclassman Crawford’s face in her mind had morphed into Luke Crawford’s. It was said that Luke also had a brother named Louis, and the two brothers had similarities

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