Chapter 55 Stirred Up Lips...

The subway arrived at one stop after another. Bianca felt that her body, which was closely adhered to Luke's, was getting somewhat strange… The subway carriage’s large windows were reflecting the images of the passengers inside the cart. Bianca could not bring herself to look up at first. But after some time, the blush on her face had faded substantially. She tried to lift her head slightly to peek at the image reflected on the cart’s window. Luke’s tall and straight body stood behind her. The man held onto the handrail with one hand and protected her with the other. He had wrapped his arm around her waist and was embracing her. Bianca was petite, and she was curious to see the expression on his face. The man’s height had caused his face to be out of her sight unless she dared to raise her head further up. The wretched older man who was taking advantage of her earlier had only touched her hand deliberately. Yet, Luke’s possessiveness had made him take it upon himself to wrap her

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