Chapter 568 Bianca Was Excited!

Except on Bianca's first day at work, there were no further rumors about her going around in the company. She knew that it was all Luke's doing. Bianca knew that the only thing left for her to do was wait! She needed to wait for her innocence to be proved! As usual, Bella Sloan picked on Bianca and ridiculed her from time to time. However, Bianca was not at all bothered. She was not a cowardly woman. She used to simply endure it because Ms. Sloan was her boss, so she would avoid her if she could. However, since Bella framed her, Bianca had seen right through her. The news from Jason Doyle was enough to get Bianca excited. Everyone had a price. Jason finally found Mr. Yates after repeated verification. Mr. Yates was a witness who said he saw Bella open a bag with a white teddy bear outside the test venue. He later saw her take some documents out of the bag. At that time, because the test was about to take place, he had arrived late and was

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