Chapter 567 A New Development

Scarlett did not manage to save her baby. When Bianca met her in the hospital ward, she seemed paler and weaker than ever. Her face was ashen with despair, and her gaze was vacant as though her soul had left her body. "Scarlett…" Bianca felt sorry for the young woman. She gently held Scarlett's slender arm. "Don't be too sad. Take care of your body. Your health is more important, and you can still bear children next time…" "No, I won't. I won't ever bear children anymore…" Scarlett shook her head slightly. She was in despair. "He was the one who got rid of the baby. That's fine. That unwelcome life won't experience happiness anyway…" She was not fond of that baby at all. However, she eventually learned to accept the life in her womb and even anticipated its arrival. Scarlett thought that she would not mind losing that baby, but she did not expect it to hurt so much. Bianca was at a loss for words. She could see that Jim cared for Scarlett a lot and cared for the baby

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