Chapter 549 Luke Could Feel His Urges Flare...

T Corporation. Bianca's daily life had been smooth-sailing. She did not encounter any obstacles at work or at home. She had discussed with Luke, and they decided to get their marriage certificate from the Civil Registry Office at the end of the month. Bianca was especially happy every time she remembered that she would be Luke's legally married wife soon. "Ms. Rayne…" Mavis's impassive voice resounded in the conference room. Mavis was glaring unhappily at the daydreaming Bianca. A hint of disgust flashed past her eyes. Nina pinched Bianca heavily! Bianca suddenly came to her senses and focused on her surroundings! She looked down the long conference table and noticed that all her colleagues were looking at her, including her boss Luke Crawford. Embarrassedly, Bianca smoothed her hair and sat up straight. "Yes, Ms. Laviere?" Bianca looked at Luke. He was sitting up straight in his seat with a serious expression on his face. To everyone else, he was stern and impassiv

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