Chapter 548 It Would Be Great If Bianca Were Queenie’s Daughter

Fortunately, Shakira was an agile person, and she was experienced with such situations. She managed to catch the plate before it hit the floor, thus averting disaster. However, what Bianca said earlier rang in Shakira's ears like a clap of thunder. 'Allison was married to Bianca's father, and she said that Bianca was her daughter? How is that possible 'Luke said that he had done a DNA test with Bianca, and it proved that they're not siblings! 'That has to be it. 'The two are not related by blood. 'However, It's undeniable that Allison used to be related to Bianca's father…' Shakira remembered very well that Allison only bore one child, who was Luke. Luke was Allison's tool to enter the Crawford household, but Old Master Crawford had not recognized Luke's status back then. He only wanted to wait for Susan to give birth to a legitimate Crawford child. Zachary did not have the authority in the family, and he dared not go against his father's wishes. The child was not abl

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