Chapter 546 She Was Always The One Getting Humiliated Instead

Bianca rested at home for a few more days and felt almost well enough to go back to work. She was bored out of her mind resting at home for so long. Technology was so advanced now that people could communicate with others through video calls without going to the office. However, if a person was separated from a group for too long, they would not only feel lonely but also out of place when they got back to work. Luke could not resist Bianca's repeated requests. His heart softened, and he relented when she repeatedly assured him that she would not tire herself out. Luke never had the heart to refuse anything Bianca requested. Bianca returned to work and clocked in as usual. As soon as she got to the Design Department's entrance, she came face to face with the cold and elegant Mavis. "Good morning, Ms. Laviere," Bianca greeted her with a smile. Mavis glanced at Bianca, her gaze falling on her belly that was clearly showing. Her eyes did not seem to stir. "Good morning, Ms. Rayne."

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