Chapter 545 She and Bianca Were Indeed Mother And Daughter

Shakira's words hit Queenie hard like a bomb, exploding instantly! The fragments penetrated deep into her heart, making her feel throbs of pain... Queenie thought she had misheard her. She grabbed Shakira's arm tightly, her pale face full of shock. "Shakira, what... What did you say?" "I said your daughter is alive and well. She wasn't stillborn when you gave birth to her!" Shakira's arm hurt from Queenie's grip. She took in a cold breath and said bluntly, "Queen, would you please ease your grip? It hurts." Queenie let go of Shakira with a look of joy on her face, but then it quickly dimmed again. She mumbled in disbelief, "Impossible. My daughter can't possibly be alive. I gave birth to a stillborn baby! The baby was so stiff that she didn't have any warmth when I held her. I remember it clearly!" Queenie began to cry again at the mention of her biological daughter. Children were her armor and her weakness. Shakira took out a piece of tissue and wiped Queenie's tears. She said w

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