Chapter 528 Why Would “Luke Crawford” Turn Himself In?

The setting sun was like a burning flame, shrouding the lake surface with color and lighting up the mansion like the scene of a dream. Bianca sat peacefully next to the artificial lake, resting her cheek on her hands. She felt bored as she looked at the fish swimming in the lake. The nurse quietly stood by her side. A string of footsteps walking toward Bianca broke the silence. Bianca saw Luke walking toward her while facing away from the sun. She smiled happily, but her tone was doubtful. "Why are you back so early?" Bianca knew that Luke had been very busy lately. He would usually come home almost close to midnight, and sometimes he would reek of alcohol because of the business dinners he had to attend. She felt sorry for him. The nurse nodded politely when she saw her employer approach. Then, she discreetly went away and gave the space to the lovers. Luke walked in front of Bianca's rattan chair and sat down. He loved to hug her in his arms. He thought that it was an

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