Chapter 527 Big Changes Are Coming To A City...

In the hospital. "Unforgivable! This is unforgivable!" Right after Old Master Crawford came to, he saw that every channel on the television was reporting negatively on his grandson. He was so angry that he flung the bowl of medicine that the nurse brought in. The black liquid splashed all over the floor. The nurse stood there stiffly and helplessly, not sure what to do. "You've just woken up, Father. The doctor said that you shouldn't be emotionally agitated…" Susan was trying her best to comfort his father-in-law, but she was laughing up her sleeve. Her decades-long existence in the Crawford family was fraught with misery. She blamed Old Master Crawford for not controlling his son. If Old Master Crawford had been strict with Zachary, he would not have been so brazen to bring Allison back home. What was worse than accepting Allison into the family was that the old man had allowed that b*stard child to take over the family business. Luke's control over T Corporation was

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